Tazebao's got a new face

We introduce you the new Tazebao application!

A shining react powered app, which consumes Tazebao’s REST API in order to assure a great experience to our users. The new app has all the features of the previous (and still working) web app, with the addition of some stats like the unsubscription rate.

The Mosaico template generator is now fully integrated inside the app, and the workflow needed to compose a campaign is straigthforward, because the concept of template is now managed under the scenes.

Choose lists

After creating the e-mail contents, you can send your campaign: choose your lists and send immediately or schedule a job.

Choose lists Send

A campaign can be dispatched multiple times and for every dispatch the application provides full statistics: open rate and events, click rate and events, bounces.


We added the duplicate campaign feature, so that you can compose a new e-mail starting from one of the previus


The new application was designed in order to provide a simplified workflow for the user, and it succeed in this task, but at the same time retains all the features the old application had.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information or some help with Tazebao!