We introduce you... Tazebao

A cool newsletter management web application which focuses on the important things.

Retain your customers is one of the main goal for your activity, every serious marketing strategy takes into account the problem of customer loyalty. In the era of internet one of the best instruments you may find to keep in touch with your customers, present them your new activities, services and stuff, is to keep a good and selected mailing list, and produce scheduled campaigns which should be at the same time useful and not wearing.

Tazebao helps you in doing exactly this. It will give you the instruments to store lists of customers e-mails, group them by any criteria, and produce rich and nice-looking campaigns that can be scheduled or sent immediately to the desired groups of recipients.

Tazebao is a django web application developed and manteined by Otto SRL. It’s free to use (MIT License) and you can find all the needed instructions in the github project page.

Let’s take a look at its main features.

REST web service

Tazebao includes a REST web service in order to connect your data to any existing website (collect new e-mails, show yor campaigns, etc…). This is great because you can design your subscription form as you like, and then consume Tazebao’s API to make it work.

Subscription form

Subscriber organized in lists

Manage you lists of subscribers, send targeted campaigns by dividing your customers in group.

Multi-user platform

Tazebao is a multi-user platform, can manage an indefinite number of clients, each with its credentials. Every user can see and manage only his contents. You can give full access to the platform being sure that no one can interfeer with others’ campaigns.

Templates with drag&drop functionality

Tazebao integrates Mosaico as e-mail template engine, in order to keep the editorial task as simple as possible. Drag and drop some blocks, change texts and add images, and you’ll end up with a perfect looking e-mail looking nice on every device. Moreover we added some functionality to the default Mosaico engine in order to add tracking links capabilities.

Subscription form

Scheduling of dispatches

If you need to send a campaign that day at that hour you can. Just set your campaign dispatch time and Tazebao will do the rest. Tazebao constantly checks if some campaigns are scheduled, and it will promptly send them at the right time.


Statistics and reports

Tazebao provides reports about campaigns and single e-mails dispatches.
Something got wrong? Tazebao will tell you what. You can see bounced e-mails and the reason behind the event, giving you the possibility to clean your mailing list.

Tazebao provides you statistics about opening rates and link clicks, see who clicked which link and when!



Yeah, we know there are many other newsletter services out there, but they become quite expensive when your mailing list grows. Also they offer you a product as is, which fits well for most use cases, but not all. We’ve personally developed this newsletter mangement system, we can help you installing it and modify it to suit your needs. Or we can offer it as a service, running your accounts on our application instances.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information or some help with Tazebao!